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Вакансия в архиве

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Работа в России

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Вакансия в архиве • Junior QA Engineer, Минск

Работа • Минск
З/п по договоренности ք
Твистеллар (Вакансия работодателя)
Адрес места работы:
Тип занятости: Полная занятость
График работы: Полный день

Twistellar is the Best Salesforce Consulting Partner in Denmark. We hire a stellar team that transcends time and space (not to mention crises and viruses)!

We help customers all over the world to automate their businesses by developing applications on Salesforce - world #1 cloud platform.

We value every employee, and we can honestly say that a friendly environment is not an empty word for us. And this is just the beginning: we are growing! There are already 100+ of us!

Required competencies:

- Good communication and negotiating skills

- Knowledge of general principles and common testing methodologies

- Experience in writing test cases, making checklists

- Experience in writing SQL queries

- Basic knowledge in client-server interaction

- Knowledge and understanding of REST API, SOAP

- Understanding of software development methodologies (Agile: Scrum/Kanban)

- English: B2-C1

- Salesforce knowledge will be an advantage

Expected functions:

- Analyzing requirements and specifications

- Functional and non-functional testing

- Writing and updating manual test cases and test suites

- Investigating, describing and reporting defects found in the Defect Management Tool

- Communication with the client

- Ensuring high product quality during the testing phase and throughout the product life cycle

Why would you be interested:

- We have a demanding but respectful corporate environment where people are developing quickly (you will become a greater professional)

- We have a very small people turnover (the team is friendly, open-minded and supportive)

- We have very experienced and empathetic management

You’re doing your work great if:

- You can go to a meeting with the customer (business stakeholder), ask the proper questions to understand their business challenge

- You’re able to understand the full picture of an IT system - its connection to business (inputs, outputs, impact) and internal dependencies of its logical components (present and future) - to provide effective recommendations for business stakeholders

- You have received certificates of Salesforce Administrator and Sales Cloud Consultant in 6 months from your start date.

- Customers feel they can trust you :)

And try to google Twistellar on the internet - it’s all true :)

Опыт работы (лет): Нет опыта
Адрес на карте:
Updated: 21 June 2024


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