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📆 2024-02-25
Работа • Минск
З/п по договоренности ք
Меркелеон Девелопмент (Вакансия работодателя)
Адрес места работы:
Тип занятости: Полная занятость
График работы: Полный день


- Development of landing pages, writing games on one of the engines Three.js, Babylon.js, Phaser
- Setting up analytics with Appsflyer, Facebook, SDK, for WebView, etc.
- Writing clean code for frontend
- Working with Rest API
- Testing and support of adaptive application design


-At least 1 year of commercial development experience (MUST HAVE)
-Experience with projects using React Native for mobile devices is required
-Understanding what a WebView is
-Knowledge of HTML, CSS3 and SCSS
-Knowledge of 3d WebGL is desirable
-Experience integrating SDK, Facebook, AppsFleyr, Adjast, OneSingle, etc.
-Knowledge of JavaScript (preferably TypeScript)
-Knowledge of Git
-Knowledge of Redux (or other state management libraries)
-Experience with Restful API
-Experience with Figma (Additional)
-Knowledge of the HTTP(s) protocol
-Experience with JSON

Benefits and perks:

- Remote full-time work or work from a comfortable office. It doesn’t matter where you are working from, only the result is important
- Transparent salary
- Paid vacation, sick leaves +paid 4 Sick Days and 1 Day Off per calendar year without certificates on top of your package
- Free online English lessons with a native speaker
- Large payments under the referral program, in which the bonus is received by both the employee who recommends and the candidate who accepts the offer
- Trainings, internal meetings, participation in international professional conferences and corporate events
- Compensation for All Sports card
- Free session with phycologists.

Опыт работы (лет): От 1 года до 3 лет
Адрес на карте:
Updated: 26 February 2024


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