Japanese IQ - test (crossing the river) when applying for a job to pass free online

Category: Tests to check the overall level of intelligence (IQ) for admission to work

This IQ test - crossing the river according to legend is used in Japan for the initial assessment of the ability of personnel to hire IT specialists to test their abilities and logical thinking.

30 July 2021, 14:23:59

Japanese IQ - TEST (crossing the river) when applying for a job IT specialists. The applicant (applicant), should according to the employer, pass this test in less than 15 minutes. You have the opportunity to check if the Japanese would hire you.

For reference: Japan today ranks THIRD in the world in terms of average IQ population!

Rules: Cannot be allowed to

1. Girls stayed alone with dad without mom

2. The boys were alone with mom without dad

3. The prisoner was left alone with no policeman.

4. More than 2 people were accommodated on the raft.

5. The raft is not managed by adults

The task of the Japanese IQ test “crossing the river” is to smuggle all people across the river, following the strict rules of Japanese cohabitation. Why sons cannot go with mom, and daughters with dad are hard to understand, but they have to fulfill this condition.

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