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Why are backlinks important for promoting your video on YouTube?

Backlinks are active hyperlinks that, when placed on various websites and resources, refer to the original page with the video. They are effective tools for promoting videos on YouTube, help to quickly increase views.

Free Backlinks YouTube Generator 2024

YouTube backlink generator (backlinks) on your videos, will get to the top of popular Youtube videos faster. Backlinks refer to the traditional way of SEO promotion.

«Free Backlinks YouTube Generator - SEO Promotion Service» generates only backlinks to well-established websites, which are often scanned by search engines, quickly helping with SEO and improving the ranking of your videos in all search engines!

  • This online tool allows you to automatically increase the number of inserted videos on different sites, which will undoubtedly lead to an increase in views.

How to use the tool:

Just copy / paste the video URLS into YouTube and click " Get backlinks».

How the Online-Tool works «Free Backlinks YouTube Generator»:

This tool will be to obtain the URL backlinks (backlinks) one after the other, and then ping those links to 14+ search engines. The URL of the video backlink is used as the name of the ping address.

Ping backlinks: how does this help in ranking videos on YouTube?

A large number of backlinks from the social. networks, especially from trust sites and their Ping, are the most important component in promoting your videos. It will also improve the ranking of your video in YouTube and Yandex, Google search engines.

Note that sometimes it took search engines 24 to 48 hours to add new URLS to their database.

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