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Web server response time

Server response time (SRT) is the amount of time it takes for a web server to respond to a request from a browser. SRT is one of the most important indicators for the promotion of the resource, as it is directly related to the speed of the site as a whole. Google recommends you to have a Server Response Time lesser than 200 ms.

Scanner for unused CSS selectors code HTML page | Remove Unused CSS

This tool checks webpage for unused CSS selectors. The CSS stylesheet accumulates a lot of unused selectors over time, which significantly reduces the loading speed of the site. How to find and remove unnecessary CSS selectors? Our online service will help you with this!
How it works:
The tool might show pseudo-classes and selectors as unused, like: #hover or .focus. Obviously, because it was unable to find any "hovered" elements on the page. The tool analyzes the code for the web page and it shows you the unused code, which can be removed in any editor, for example "Macromedia Dreamweaver".

  • Warning! Before removing any "unused" style form your css-file, double-check that it's really not being used on other pages of the site.
  • This online SEO tool «Scanner unused CSS» will allow you to find and remove the unused CSS selectors of any page on the site.
  • The function «Find and remove unused CSS selectors on HTML page» tool is still absolutely FREE!

How to use the tool:

Just copy and paste the URL of the link to the page of the site in the form above and click "Search". Please note that when checking the Unused CSS selectors of the web page of the site, you should check the very page of the site for which you want to receive a report.

Table of server response codes

The web server response codes are divided into several classes. They can be easily classified because they are distinguished by the first digit. General table of response codes web server site:

  • 1xx - Informational
  • 2xx - Success
  • 3xx - Redirection
  • 4xx - Client Error
  • 5xx - Server Error

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The function «Check the Answer code of the web server of the site» of the tool is now absolutely FREE!

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